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Our organic sugarcane is grown on our farmlands in the Arroyos Y Esteros region of Paraguay. Our sugar cane is grown under strict organic standards with a sustainable program aimed at giving small family farms a consistent and fair wage.



We offer 3 grades of Organic and Fair Trade certified raw cane sugars:

Organic Natural Light

Low moisture organic sugar that is light in color, free-flowing, and largely free of aroma. This sugar is excellent for sweetening organic baked goods.

Organic Light Golden

Darker than our natural light sugar, this grade of organic sugar has a rich light golden color, a delicate texture, and a distinctive flavor with hints of honey essence. This organic sugar is often considered “the gourmet organic sugar” and is ideal for sweetening drinks, candies, and chocolates.

Organic Dark Golden/Brown Sugar

This is the darkest organic sugar we produce. It is dark caramel in color and similarly, it has a slight caramel flavor. It has unparalleled nutritional value compared to other sugars as it is not fully separated from the molasses – retaining more nutrients, vitamins, and other health benefits. This sugar is typically used for sauces and baking.

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** Sugar is only sold in bulk with a 1 container minimum. This typically equals 20 metric tons of sugar. Our organic sugar can be packaged in 25kg double-stitched poly-lined paper bags or in 1 ton woven nylon totes.

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