Welcome to Fairly Traded Organics -- Your Source For Organic Sugar Products and More!

Welcome to Fairly Traded Organics!

One of Our Organic and Sustainable Farms

Fairly Traded Organic's sugar operations located in Paraguay, South America have been producing organic certified raw sugar cane in Paraguay South America since 1994.  Our mill is the oldest continuously operating organic sugar mill in the world andl is also one of only 3 in the world to produce sugar that is both organic and Fair Trade certified.

All of our organic raw cane sugars, molasses, alcohols and rums are 100% GMO-free and are certified organic under the USDA National Organics Program (NOP), Japan Agriculture Standard (JAS), EU 2092/91, and Bio Suisse (Switzerland) standards. All of our sugar products are also Kosher certified and can be Fair Trade certified as well.

At Fairly Traded Organics (FTO) we believe in promoting organic agricultural practices which help to preserve the fertile soils and precious water resources of our planet. Furthermore, we advocate for Fair Trade practices which promote dramatic positive changes for the families and communities that grow the sugar cane crops.

By choosing to work with Fairly Traded Organics, you are making the choice to provide your customers with earth healthy organic products. You are also making a choice that helps ensure that the people who produce these products are afforded a fair living wage for the product of the hard work.

It’s a magnificent thing.... while improving our individual health by choosing organics, we can also improve the health of our planet and enhance the abilities of thousands of farmers worldwide to improve their quality of life!

That’s not just organic.... that’s Fairly Traded Organics!

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